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Isabelle holds a law degree and MBA. Two years after setting up her legal solutions firm, a progressed form of Lyme disease called her to a halt.

Years of conventional medicine made her completely bedridden. True healing only started after introducing organic healing food, biological medicine protocols, energy healing, meditation, and understanding the Self.

Helping to grow people in awareness and understanding their own power became a true passion of Isabelle.

Isabelle Peeters


Daniela is an energy healer and integrative nutrition health coach. She assists people achieve balance, awareness, and alignment on all levels - mind, body, heart, spirit, and soul.

After being diagnosed with auto-immune diseases, Daniela became determined to find a way out and changed the direction of her life.

Her faith, strong mind, and heart guided her into studying and exploring different healing modalities.

She fully recovered through energy healing.

Daniela Nikolova


Dave's culinary career started with top chef Jonnie Boer. From there he went to Spain to be trained by star chefs Ferran & Albert Adria and chef Joan Roca.

Arriving back in Antwerp he opened his first star restaurant, the Godevaart. Five years later he opened a second restaurant in Australia which again was highly graded in Gault&Millau.

In 2015, Dave needed a radical change in his life and moved to Ibiza. Going back to the basics inspired him to go fully organic and local.

In Workshops and retreats Dave helps people to understand the impact of food on the body, mind, and soul. He also teaches how to improve your diet and cook in a real and healthy way.

Dave De Belder




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